Wr250 Rally

It's no secret that the iconic motorcycle brand has been moving in a new direction. Call them what you want, these bikes are all about having fun and exploring the beautiful countryside we're fortunate to be surrounded by. You could be riding along smooth tarmac one minute, then hurtling down a tree-lined bridleway the next, then trucking along a fireroad in deepest Wales the next.

At one end, you can fit out an Enduro bike with luggage and head for the hills; at the other, you have large capacity road bikes with an extra bit of suspension travel and a high front mudguard. Some manufacturers approached the trend from the opposite direction, beginning with a street motorcycle and modifying it for adequate off-road performance.

Don't confuse a gravel and adventure bike with an endurance road bike like the Cannondale Synapse or Saracen Avro. A rule of thumb that most riders will agree with is, if you frequent the rough stuff, the lighter the better. A smooth powerful bike is set up for taller riders over 5ft 10″ (hint get thicker soles on your boots if you cant flat foot on one side).

Adventure isn't all about how hard you ride off-road. Based out of Pahrump, Nevada JLR Off-Road Training has been conducting schools for adventure and dual-purpose riders since 1999. Bikes that have off-the-shelf options available will normally be a lot more cost-effective and time friendly to setup.

If you're looking for true adventure, you'll need some high quality bike luggage and camping gear There are a lot of great options, and many of them have been designed specifically with dual sport riders in mind. Afriski offers self-guided 4×4 and guided motorbike touring routes to rivers, dams, and mountain vistas, acting as the perfect base for exploration of the northern Maluti mountain range.

Since a lot of the most respected adventure motorcycles on the market are essentially dirt-focused machines that have been re-jigged to accommodate for rider comfort and sensible road riding, we thought it would be nice to add something different: a road motorcycle that has been essentially modified for a bit of off-road exploration.

The more off-road based your tyres, the slower you'll need to go on the road to keep yourself sunny side up. The more road based your tyres, the slower you'll be able to go on the dirt - but as dirt tends to hurt less than tarmac, that's worth considering.

If you're looking for a good all-rounder that can tackle both woodland paths and tarmac moto roads, adventure road bikes are perfect. The new Tiger 800 XC and XR adventure motorcycle range represents a major update in rider technology. The terms "dual-sport" and dualie” were quickly adopted by riders and the motorcycle press.

Disc brakes allow frame clearances for fatter tyres, making for a bike that can cope with a very wide range of surfaces and that points & laughs at potholes. Based in the heart of rural Norfolk, Adventure Bike Training offers complete, top-notch motorcycle training packages for novice, intermediate and expert off-roaders across East Anglia.

We're seeing more tyre choice as well to go with the bikes, such as the Panaracer Gravel King, to name one example of the growing selection aimed at gravel and adventure riding. Adventure road bikes are simply light drop handlebar bikes designed with versatility in mind.

All Triumph adventure motorcycles are designed hand in hand with a great range of top quality genuine Triumph accessories designed to complement and further enhance the comfort, capability and style of your bike. RawHyde Adventures has something fun and exhilarating for any Adventure Rider.

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